Friday, February 1, 2008

An Update on Me

An Update on Me

So, with winter more than half over I am looking forward to spring time and warmer temperatures. I will be really excited for the day I can take a nice trip to the beach and go for a swim. I am guessing that will be sometime in mid-March. I have a short break before I have a little work to do in mid-February. Personally I've been doing better lately. I think part of that has been the break from my job. The job is fine but the work environment is not the greatest.

On break from my regular job, this month I did some camps, teaching mostly little children. The elementary kids were great. I liked them much better than the middle school kids. The camps were really well run and I had a great time. That was a welcome change from my normal job. I came out of there feeling pretty good! There are a couple of pictures of the last groups of students to go through the camp.

Students likened me to Shrek. I guess this is a form a flattery!? Haha. I remember once in China a student said I looked like a cartoon character. What is it about me that gives of this cartoonish persona?

Also, I've started going to the gym to do some exercise. Everybody knows I could stand to shed a few pounds. That has really helped me to feel better lately. I really love my gym because it lies to me. The elevator doors have a mirror-surface. And it distorts the truth. It makes people look thinner than they really are. This picture is not the real me, sadly. The elevator door has made me thinner, where the gym has fallen short. Haha!

There is a little mountain near the place where the camps were held. I would have loved the experience, but that was about the time my cold hit which was really a bummer for me.

This month I acquired some transportation, just in time for the snow and cold. I don't do well with public transportation so it is nice to be driving again. It is nice not to have to catch a bus, not to have to wait in the cold, not to have to deal with the crowds early in the morning. The other day, on a whim, I was able to get in the car and drive to a neighboring city and see a movie that was showing there. On the way there I was able to do some shopping, buying some juice I can't get in my small town. It really gave me an emotional boost. I suspect when I start work again things will be a lot better. We'll see!

Because of the break in work and a bad cold I had last week, this week I've been doing a lot of sitting around in front of the TV-certainly too much of that. Today I will right what is wrong and try to do more than just sit around. I am going to watch the Democratic Party's National Presidential Primary Debate on CNN (nice to have CNN and BBC World News to watch in ENGLISH), and then go pay some bills and go to the gym. I want try to shed a pound or two before the middle of February hits.

I'm going to take a little trip to China in a couple of weeks. Hopefully the snow will be cleared out by then and travel will be back to normal. I'm looking forward to coming to Shanxi again. I remember that the end of winter is usually a nice time for air-cleanliness there. Let's hope so!

As I sit down to write about me I realize that I am a little bit of a boring person. Drat!

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