Thursday, February 28, 2008

Dinner in Linfen

Happy 22 Daisy!

I recently took a trip back to Linfen, was there for about a week. Most of the students had not come back from holiday, however on my last night there I got to see some students and we went to ' Sam's Brother's Restaurant?' next to the Second Idiot for dinner.

As it turned out it coincidentally was Daisy's (Zhang Wei) birthday. They brought her a special bowl of soup with one long giant noodle. Some of you might recognize this as a tradition in China. She was challenged to eat the whole noodle in one try. Sorry to say that it took two tries. I don't know what the traditional symbolic implication of that is.

All of the girls were really stressed about their coming Band-8 exam on March 9. It is hard to study during the holiday and so all of them felt under prepared.

It seems in 6 months little has changed about them. They were all a little more sure of themselves, I felt. A little more confident-perhaps a little more grown up.
However, I asked them what their plans were and all I got a very confident sounding 'maybe someone will do something sometime.' Sounds like they will be philosophy majors in graduate school! Being too specific about plans for the future is over rated anyhow.

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