Thursday, February 28, 2008

Travel Agents in Korea


I've learned that when traveling into China from South Korea is is extremely useful to use a travel agent to handle the visa party, but fair warning, I have had good luck and bad luck.

I recently came back from China. Kansan travel (051-747-0031) game me great help in getting my visa. They got me a double entry, though foreigners are suppose to be able to get multi-entry. They would not help me in this.
They also got me a pretty good rate on a ticket to China, better than I could get anywhere else.

On the way back in country I stopped off at Hana Travel in Kangnam (Cental City) and walked in to start the process for a new visa. I thought I could avoid having to mail my visa to Kangsan. The people in Hanatour were really helpful and very friendly. Someone even walked me to a place where I could get a photo made. Then I was very surprised when they quote me 290,000 won for the visa. The Chinese embassy charges 105,000 won for non-Koreans. I showed them the Korean Embassy website and despite seeing this refused to do the visa for any less than 290,000 won. I had just three months before paid 110,000 at Kansan for a double entry which I thought was too low.

I also called Hanatour on a quote for an air ticket to China a couple months ago and they were at least 100,000 won higher than other tickets I'd found. It really seems like they have some serious profits worked into their pricing.

Needless to day, I will go to someone else. Maybe back to Kansan even though they only seem to be able to get me a double entry.

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