Saturday, August 11, 2007

Where are the table legs

테이블 다리가 있는 곳에?

I've been out to a couple of restaurants recently. Last night I had Kalbi which is barbecue. The other night it was this kind of stewed chicken soup. I have to say, the food was great in both cases. The side dishes, and everything tasted great. The hard part about the whole think was something that I didn't really experience in China.

What you can see in these pictures are beautiful spreads where there are many little dishes. Marinated beef is brought out and the hostest puts it on the grill. After a few minutes the meat is cut up and then cooked the rest of the way. The smoke from the grill is carried away in a system of retractable pipes and vented out of the restaurant.

You are given a dish with some sort of sauce and onions/vegetables in it. You take a piece of lettuce, put on some of the vegetables, add some spices from the little dishes, add a piece of meat. wrap it all and eat it in one bite.

What you can't see from these tables pictures , as was the case with the chicken stew soup place, the table is about 18 inches off the ground. You go in and leave your shoes at the door. You sit down on the floor requiring your legs to bend in ways that aren't easy unless your are 10 years old, which I am not. I wonder how many of these restaurants they have with full -sized tables. The food was amazingly good., but I am still feeling it in my legs.

It was most definitely worth it, but I will probably look for the restaurant with the bigger table in the future. I know this is tradition, practiced by Koreans and Japanese as well. Respecting tradition is important to be sure. When visiting another country you should at least try to experience things. In this case it has nothing to do with not wanting to practice the tradition, but more to do with an inability to practice.

If you ever find yourself in Korea, you should absolutely try the Kalbi restaurants, and the Chicken Soup place if you can find it. To any of my Chinese friends, I guess you will do just find eating at these establishments. Let me know if you ever try.

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