Monday, August 13, 2007

Learn Korean II

学会阅读韩国 II

한국사람을 읽는 것을 배우십시오

See Learning Korean 1

The more you familiarize yourself with the various Korean letters, the easier reading the language will get. Rembember, just think of each letter as a simple conversion from one letter for one Korean symbol.

Some important words to lear are those that have to do with money. The Koran from of money is the won, like Chinese rmb. Unhaeng sounds a lot like yinhang, you might notice. The Korean word for bank is very similar to the word in Chinese.

This is the old 10000 won korean note. The new bill is smaller and green, and the picture of King Sejong looks pretty much the same, bot the bill is much brighter.

10000 won is about $10.75 or about 81 rmb. On the top of the bill, in the center it says, "한국 은행." Under that is "만원." The romanization of the words is, "Hanguk Unhaeng," and "man won." Each syllable here contains three strokes or symbols. You can see the chart to look at the entire korean alphabet romanization. For these three words, these are the letters you need.

ㅎ=h , ㅏ=a ,ㄴ=n (han); ㄱ=g, ㅜ=u, ㄱ=k (guk);

ㅇ=silent, ㅡ=u, ㄴ=n (un); ㅎ=h, ㅐ=ae, ㅇ=ng (haeng).

ㅁ=m, ㅏ=a, ㄴ=n (man); ㅇ=silent, ㅝ=wo, ㄴ=n (won).

Hanguk = Korea/Korean
unhaeng = bank

man = 10000
won = korean money

Happy Korean language learning. That's all for now.

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