Thursday, August 30, 2007

People of Korean Folk Villages

Acrobats show their skill on a teeter-totter, throwing the other into the air where they do flips or other moves.

Farmer Ribbon Dancers showed some acrobatic ability as well as synchronized dancing. A ribbon fastened to their hats trailed behind gracefully. People watched from around a small enclosed arena.

Horses were a big part of early Korean lives. Some riders showed their acrobatic ability.

In this early society men were often entertained by women as dancers or musicians. Others showed their talents as pottery makers. Below is a man who walks on a single tightrope doing simple acrobatics.

A big part of Korean life is Kimchi, even today. Below you can see that early Kimchi was prepared in pots and placed in the ground where it fermented.

Today this is done artificially.

The traditional Korean dress is the Hambok. Here you can see the female version of the clothing.

At the gate to the village are placed wooden totems.

Education during this time largely followed Confucian style.


leztnad said...

I loved your pictures! I wanted to especially thank you for the pictures of the hamboks. My 할머니 gave me one over a half a year ago and I couldn't remember exactly how to tie it.

Brian 狼布朗 said...

This Website shows how to wear a Hanbok, including how to tie it. Personally I know nothing about it.

What is a Hanbok

You have to scroll down that page to see the instructions.

Anonymous said...
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