Thursday, August 23, 2007

Japanese Escursion

Fukuoka, Japan. I nice little city.

On a little visit to Japan. Everything seems almost brand new, almost artificial. It was really hot yesterday as well, so most of the people seemed to be out of sight. I got to go to a baseball game which was exciting and interesting. I searched the whole day yesterday to find an internet cafe. I finally found one today. I guess most people have comptuers at home or whatever.
My first impression is that I am at Disney Land or something. I really know almost no Japanese at all so it has been a little challenging. I`ve been able to say thank you and do you speak English, but even then I get puzzled looks half the time. I guess my pronunciation isn`t quite up to snuff.]
Everything is quite expensive here. The cheapest meal you can find here is about 150 yen (9 rmb) for a very poor cup of instant noodles. A fast food meal is the next most affordable. You can get a meal for 580 yen (38 rmb). The baseball game was 1000 yen (66 rmb) for the cheapest seats very far from the actual playing of the game.
A subway ticket runs anywhere from 200 yen to 500 yen to go somewhere like the airport, but taxis are much more expensive and walking gets old really quick. :)

There are several beachs here and so I am going to try to check that out if I have time before I have to get back to the airport tonight.

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