Monday, April 13, 2009

Weekend Flower Festivals

Tina and I spent the weekend going around to enjoy various flower festivals.  On Saturday we went to Myeoncheon for the Azalia festival.  
We sampled Azalia Pancakes made from pounded rice stuff similar to what you find in those Korean holiday rice cakes.

We met up with Aaron and April and their two daughters and took in two small town festivals.  The photos here were all taken at Myeoncheon.

We left one of the festivals and located a little temple that was part of the way up a hill.  

You could not go in but you could take photographs and look around the outside a bit.  It was very much smaller than what you would find in China.

This flower is at least like one that first blooms in what is actually late winter, around January.

There were a number of flowers in bloom with names that I do not know.  Any flower experts out there are welcome to identify them and I will update this and give you credit.

I was surprised by this flower.  I thought that the blooms were perfect, in fact too perfect.  The bushes were probably a meter tall.

This old guy was making a 'totum' by the use of a chainsaw.  
Some Korean villages create totum like statures that are placed at the edge of a village to ward off evil spirits.

The dafodils were beautiful. 
 There were not that many but the one's I saw were well cared for.
  The yellow was sooooo yellow.

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