Thursday, April 2, 2009

Spring Beach Trip

Spring is here and that means there are many more choices for things to do. Thang God!

First on the list for this Florida boy was a trip to the nearest beach I could find (Waemok). Tina and I took BT to the beach for just the second time and let him run around a bit. It was still to cold to call it an official beach day. We probably need another month for that.

BT really liked it but sadly he is afraid of the water. This seems strange for a golden retriever, though he does not mind the shower at all.

The first time we went with him to the beach I threw a string of clam
shells lost by a fisherman into the surf and he dove right in after it but quickly changed his mind and turned for dry land.

I suppose eventually I will not be able to get him out of the water, so I should be greatful for now.

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