Monday, January 28, 2008

Winter 冬天 겨울

I think winter has the ability to provide some of the most beautiful views during the year. To see the fields covered in blanket of white, buildings and trees alike with a layer of white. Winter is really rather beautiful when viewed through a window. However, winter is really rather cold.

A good amount of snow fell last week her in Korea, as I understand it did in Shanxi as well. The cold finally did me in. Up until then I managed to stay in out of the cold, but I was drawn out by the an amazing shroud of white cast over the land. I had managed to not become sick this last winter until this last week. I still have some problems in my sinus but I am a lot better. Hopefully I will be able to recover.

One very good thing is that I'm out of the cold a little bit. I recently acquired that little red car, that you can see in the picture, just in time for the frigid January weather. I am enjoying winter a bit, but I happily look forward to the coming spring.

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