Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Amazing Race Asia

I have never been the biggest fan of Reality TV but there are a couple that I really like. One is the Apprentice which is all about business. The other is on called the Amazing Race. I really like this one because it sends people traveling around the world. They get to see exciting things and meet many different people.

This most recent season saw a Father and Daughter team (Ron and Christina), Chinese immigrants to the United States compete and do well.

Last year I was pleasantly surprised to find a new version of the Amazing Race (normally produced for CBS TV in the United States). It is called the Amazing Race Asia (produced for AXN Satellite channel out of Malaysia.) For people in Korea they can get AXN on Sky Life TV. For people in China, the Amazing Race Asia must be downloaded.

I think it is interesting because the show is done entirely in English. The contestants from all over Asia (Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Japan, India, Hong Kong) all must speak English fluently to be on the show. It is interesting to learn about these other Asian countries and to see so many sights in these countries. Often times we throw people from one part of the world into categories and think that they are all the same. Well that is not true. People from different Asian countries are really quite different in many ways. While this is the case, it is also true that their are certain universalities about all people. What I might have once thought of as American or Western behavior can be seen in people from all countries and to varying degrees. It reminds me how in many ways we are the same.

The way the show works is 11 teams of 2 people compete, traveling from country to country, completing task after task. Almost each week the team the finishes in last place is eliminated from the race. Finally, after 12 weeks of racing, the final three teams race to the finish line during the 13th week and the winning team is awarded $100,000US.

The American race awards $1Million US, but giving the cost of living in Asia compared with the US this seems highly reasonable. Two of the teams competing are cuties Paula and Natash below, and Mark and Rovilson above, strong favorites to win.

First season was pretty good, but the second season has been better. They are in their second season now with just about 3 weeks left, and the producers of the show are currently taking applications for contestants for the next season. The show can easily be downloaded and is worth a watch. It is fun, interesting, a little exciting and always entertaining.

Since the original posting the cute girls were eliminated from the race. Such a disappointment, but they didn't seem to have the fire.

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