Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Creed Reunion

Living overseas some news goes unnoticed. I don't mind missing the occasional spike in gas prices or the latest White House squabble. I did not much being outside the loop a bit on the bought and paid for World Series of the New York Yankees., mostly because of the way the Pirates folded once again.

Once thing I was sorry to miss was the long
awaited reunion of Creed. Now, from all I heard about the feud among band members, I think they were all on a five-year whining session.

I don't know what finally got them back together. I would like to think that is the maturing of the members, particularly of Scott Srapp. At least some of the lyrics to their new music would
have us believe that. I guess that the prospect of once again raking in the dollars did not hurt matters. I hoper for their sake that, having already been established, that they actually make most of the money, and not so much that record labels.

The new offering by Creed is a welcome album for me. I have always liked Creed. I like their generally positive, searching nature of their lyrics, their hard guitar sound, Stapps vocals. I do think the Full Circle is missing some of the soulful sound such as with My Own Prison.

The guitars are played a little harder on this album, than on albums past, maybe a concession to Mark Tremonti and his Alter Bridge project.

On the album I particularly like the track "Rain."
There are no real weak tracks on the album, and most of them have solid identities.
Overcome, Bread of Shame, A Thousand Faces, Suddenly, Away in Silence, Full Circle and Time are all tracks that could chart high. Rain and Time should do well in the mainstream as well. Another possibility of a song peaking up the Top 40 Charts is Overcome, despite its much edgier tone than Rain.

I'm thrilled to have Creed back on the scene. I don't care what has been writer of Rolling Stone does not like them. I don't care of some wounded fan of Pearl Jam is envious of better written lyrics. Creed is back. It means that people won't find themselves shelling out $20 for a Pearl Jam or Nickeback CD only to listen to one or two songs.

Creed is back.

The past is the past. Creed is Back.

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