Sunday, November 8, 2009

Asan No More?

I've made the jump from Danjin and headed over to Asan.  It is hard to move once you get settled in a certain place.  I still make it back to Dangjin and I will for the forseeable future, but I'm now in Asan for as long as that lasts. 

The powers that be are rumbling about merging Cheonan and Asan into on metropolis...will it be Chasan or Aseonan?

Asan/Cheonan is a better place to live than Dangjin in some ways. We are 10 minutes from the KTX, and from there 20 minutes from Seoul or Daejeon.  That is pretty nice.  That said, the traffic in Cheonan is rediculous-a constant reminder of why I don't like cities.

There are some nice advantages.  The new job is great. I haven't had a bad day yet, and I remember it was sometimes hard to find a good day at my last job. I guess where you work really does matter.

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