Monday, May 5, 2008

Some of the People I Miss

Thought I would post some of the pictures of some people I miss. Are you missing? If you've ever seen my desk, you might understand how hard it is to find anything in my comptuter.

Tania, Tian Yun where are you pics? I don't have one???

Xiao Guo and Liu Yaning. Two real ladies with a lot of class and a lot of beauty.

Da Mao! What else needs to be said.

Xiao Guo probably does not know how beautiful she it.
Bright Shining Star. She is a real free spirit.
Mr Gao and Allen...sounds like a Chinese mafia movie.

Thomas and Monica.
The French gang enjoying a bit of after study movie time.

Do you want to be a cowgirl....Li Tingting.

LEFT: Pat and John.
ABOVE: A trip to Pingya with a short-term teacher from the US, Tina and my neighbor.

ABOVE: Ben, Owen and Tina. How about that for some serious looks on their faces.

Leslie, Lance, Kenneth, Deborah, Julie, Heather Hank and others at Hank and Heather's wedding.

I probably gave Li Fei more trouble than he ever deserved.
Lily the philosopher n a trip to Su-San Prison.
RIGHT: Pat, Daisy and Cathy on the right. The day before leaving China.

Pat , John and Tina

Jason spend a short time in Linfen then headed south to find Pandas and Bamboo
Jeff Jain teaching in Biritsh and American culture.

Lancy and Julie at Heather and Hank's Wedding

LEFT: Daisy and John on the left.
RIGHT: Daisy, Christina and Candy on the right.

LEFT: On the day of her graduation, one of Changzhi's many wonderful people. Hillary Han Zhaojing.

RIGHT: Foreign teachers and students on a trip to Datong.

LEFT: At Andrew's going away with Pat and John.
RIGHT: Autstralian Poet Andrew Burke, Taiyuan, China in 2006
Arnold (Wang Shao Fei) after winning at an intramural track and field competition

Baby Chouchou visiting John and Pat's
Daisy showing her moves.

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