Saturday, April 19, 2008

Dangjin, South Korea

I want to give you a brief introduction to some of the businesses around Dangjin.

Dangjin is compactly laid out with a wide assortment of business, shops and localities that make it a perfectly acceptable little town to live in. On the left you can see a 김밥천국 restaurant. This chain restaurant specialize in Kimbab (김밥). I especially like 참치김밥 (pronounced chamchi kimbab), or tuna fish kimbab which is wonderfully fresh tasting and delicious. This is easily my favorite quick lunch or dinner.
On the right is the front entrance to the GS Supermarket. This is a mid-sized supermarket which is adequate for shopping for the simple shopper. They did recently add salsa to their stock which made me particularly happy. But the accompanying corn chips are no friend to my waistline.
Newly opened is a Dunkin Donuts which is all about Donuts. I am not a big Donut fan personally, but I amazingly can kill two or three while barely taking a breath.
Dangjin is full of little shops that are the female window shoppers paradise.

There must be 25 branches of Sk Telecom around Dangjing. They are on every corner. Kind of like China Mobile in China.

There is a Baskin Robbin 31 Flavors. This is also something I can take or leave, but I guess it is nice to have. I know several of my friends like it.

The main post office right down town has a large store to its right, but the upper floors are mostly occupied by offices.

Dangjin has a Dominos Pizza and a Mr. Pizza. The Mr. Pizza is a Korean chain. The pizza is OK, but the atmosphere is nice if you want to have a comfortable dinner out. It is clean and well lighted. It kind of has the feel of a Pizza Hut, or maybe from China a Big Pizza, though it is not a buffet.

During the day the streets a crowded with people going here and there.
On the left you can see the building where my gym is. The gym occupies the 4th and 5th floors. The locker rooms, showers and sauna are on the 5th floor. The exercise room is on the 4th floor. It has nautilus type machines, stair steppers, treadmills and such. My favorite treadmill looks out the window on the left side. If you get up early on a weekday you can look up and see me walking nowhere.
In the picture you can see my car parked down on the left side of the building. Somethings not shown worth mentioning include the following.
There are a couple of movie theaters, which usually have at least one English speaking movie playing. There is a bowling alley. There is a park atop a hill in the middle of downtown.


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dangjin is really not the centre of the world. what about cultural and arts center building? and one only supermarket lotto? they have good bread in paris baguette too...

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Thinks have changed since 1997. Thanks for the pictures.

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